Super Charge your Tutoring with Class Folios.

Our platform makes it easy to run your tutoring business. Focus on the tutoring and we'll take care of the rest of the tutoring workflow

Manage Students

Manage students, sessions and schedules with ease while we track, monitor and alert all these nuances to your business. Never miss an opportunity!


Track Payment

Communicate payment details and track them. Spend more time with students and less time on tracking and chasing invoices and payments through Folio


Grow your business

Grow your business with stunning profile page and attract students, keep them engaged with intuitive in-class communication with Folio


Built for Tutoring.

ClassFolios makes it easy to communicate with your students, track each session, and send invoices so you can spend less time trying to get paid and more time building relationships..

All-in-one solution

Folio provides all-in-one tool for the tutor to schedule session, enroll students and communicate upcoming payments and track payments

We are here to listen and support your business right from signing-up to scheduling, invoicing and payment tracking.

Awesome features

Folio comes with features to make your life easy. Most of the scheduling, payment cycle and student management is automated!

Student-Parent Communication

Scheduling Sessions

Payment Processing

Alerts and Reminders